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Violence Awareness and Action Training Two-Day Train the Trainer Workshop

Prerequisite: One-day Violence Awareness and Action Training (VAAT)

The Violence Prevention Initiative, in collaboration with Provincial Government departments and agencies, supports an interdisciplinary approach for violence awareness and prevention. The two-day Train the Trainer workshop provides participants with the skills needed to co-facilitate a VAAT session. VAAT is designed to be co-facilitated by individuals from VPI government and community partners and stakeholders. The Train the Trainer workshop supports individuals who wish to become VAAT facilitators by offering training on adult learning principles, facilitation skills, and the material to be used in a VAAT session.

Potential participants for the Train the Trainer workshop must demonstrate knowledge of the area of violence and violence prevention and recognize that violence is complex social problem, deeply rooted in society’s traditional acceptance of inequality and power imbalances. They should have some experience facilitating groups or conducting training activities or presentations. Good interpersonal skills, such as listening and sensitivity, plus a willingness to be a leader in their department or agency, are an asset. It is expected that trained facilitators will offer two VAAT workshops each year for two years, requiring time away from their workplace.

The two-day Train the Trainer workshop will:

  • Familiarize trainees with the Violence Awareness Training Leaders Guide; resources and material through group discussion and analysis;
  • Practice delivery of Violence Awareness material and resources;
  • Review adult learning principles and facilitation skills;
  • Prepare trainers for future in-service delivery of violence awareness material; and,
  • Promote an inter-departmental, inter-agency approach to government and community violence prevention services.

Criteria for Train the Trainer Participants

Knowledge of Topic:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the areas of violence and violence prevention;
  • Supports the content and messages promoted in the workshop;
  • Establishes and builds working relationships with community agencies and institutions;
  • Demonstrates an understanding of gender equality and the importance of using a gender inclusive lens in any approach to anti-violence work; and,
  • Demonstrates an analysis and acceptance of the VPI stated value that violence is a crime and complex social issue, deeply rooted in society’s traditional acceptance of inequality.

Facilitation / Training Skills:

  • Experience facilitating groups, conducting training activities or presentations, or some training knowledge/experience;
  • Understanding of or desire to learn about adult education;
  • Knowledge of group processes: how groups develop, what dynamics may evolve, and strategies for coping with group conflict;
  • Self-awareness regarding dominant learning style, communication style and ability to change style to fit the needs of the group;
  • Ability to enhance participants’ learning through integration of work, family and community-related activities; and,
  • Can create a physical and interpersonal climate that is conducive to learning.

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Ability to present clearly in front of groups;
  • Good listening skills; and,
  • Sensitivity to participants.

Leadership Skills:

  • Feels comfortable providing leadership to department/agency/group;
  • A clear understanding of the values basic to the program; and,
  • Encourages collaborative learning and respect among learners through sharing ideas, asking questions, responding to others’ comments.

Other Selection Criteria:

  • Selected by a supportive organization/department/agency where these skills can be developed and participation in training is valued as positive career advancement; and,
  • Both female and male participants requested.


  • Interest in and commitment to violence prevention; and,
  • Willingness, with department/agency/group support, to commit time and energy facilitating VAAT sessions at least twice per year.

For more information on the training, please contact Nancy Allen, Provincial Training Coordinator, at (709) 729-3867 or nancyallen@gov.nl.ca, or contact the Regional Coordinating Committee Against Violence in your area.

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