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Violence Awareness and Action Training One-Day Workshop

The VAAT one-day workshop aims to improve services to victims of violence by increasing sensitivity and awareness of service providers to the factors contributing to violence and its impact on society. Participants are provided with an opportunity to examine societal attitudes, values and beliefs that support violence. The workshop is designed to be co-facilitated by VPI partners and stakeholders and delivered within an inter-departmental, community/regional model to improve interagency communication, coordination and capacity building.

The overall goals of the training are:

  • To assist participants in examining attitudes, values, and beliefs that support violence in our society;
  • To provide information (facts and causes) on different forms of violence;
  • To provide, through group discussion, an empowering and reflective training environment which encourages personal insight into the experiences of survivors of violence;
  • To build empathy and respect for client self-determination;
  • To include anecdotal, statistical, and theoretical information; and,
  • To promote an inter-agency approach to government and community violence prevention services.

This training is provided free of charge throughout province. A certificate of completion will be issued from the Violence Prevention Initiative upon completion.

Please contact your local Regional Coordinating Committee (RCC) to register for this training or to receive additional information.

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